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cryptopunks - The Shell Version V2 Upcoming - Request for Comments


Over the next days I try to update the punk command line tool also known as CryptoPunks - The Shell Version.

Where we are today? Try:

$ punk -h

resulting in:

Usage: cryptopunk [options] IDs
  Mint punk characters from composite (./punks.png) - for IDs use 0 to 9999

    -z, --zoom=ZOOM   Zoom factor x2, x4, x8, etc. (default: 1)
    -d, --dir=DIR     Output directory (default: .)
    -f, --file=FILE   True Official Genuine CryptoPunks™ composite image (default: ./punks.png)
    --offset=NUM  Start counting at offset (default: 0)
    -h, --help        Prints this help

What’s planned for V2? The idea is to incorporate the CryptoPunksData machinery and turn the punk command line into a multi-command line tool. The “old” default minting now becomes the punk tile command that requires a composite image to work and the new punk generate command will use the CryptoPunksData machinery built-in to generate any punks “out-of-thin-air” offline /offchain from ids, attributes or comma-separated values (CSV) files.

Examples for new punk tile or punk t command:

$ punk tile 0 2890 8219               # in v1 was: punk 0 2890 8219
$ punk tile --zoom 2 0 2890 8219  # in v1 was: punk --zoom 2 0 2890 8219

Example for new punk generate or punk g command:

$ punk generate --ids  0 2810                  # generate punk #0, #2810
$ punk generate --zoom 4 --ids 0 2810     # generate punk #0, #2810 in 4x zoom
$ punk generate  alien knitted_cap regular_shades  # generate punk with attributes listed
$ punk generate 11 22 21                       # same as above (but with attribute ids)
$ punks generate --file  first100.csv         # generate punks using the attributes in the csv file

What’s your take? Do you have your own ideas or suggestions? Questions and comments welcome.

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Idea - The Punk Universal Sprite Sheet - A Unicode-Like Universal Code Page for All Archtetypes & Attributes in a Single Sprite Sheet - Request for Comments Welcome


the idea is to put together an all-in-one sprite sheet (image) with all archetypes and attributes for easy (re)use and with “standardized” numbers and names.

Kind of like unicode for punks :-). What’s your take?

How would you number the archetypes and attributes? For now my thinking is to separate male and female and start with Male 1, Male 2, and so on and the mirror Female 1, Female 2, and so on and start with offset 100 with the hair attributes and so on.

Still early. I try to put together a protopage / type / sheet in the next days.

Questions and comments welcome.

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