Design Your Own Matt & John's® Ye Olde' Punk (24×24) Wizard (Anno 2017)

Yes, you can! Generate your own originals that you own 100% forever. Questions? Comments? Post them on the D.I.Y. Punk (Pixel) Art reddit. Thanks.

10x (240×240px)
1x (24×24px)
Select a ye olde' punk base (archetype):
Select cheeks:
Select blemish:
Select hair:
¹: Note: Pink With Hat is a hair+headwear combo.
Select beard:
Select eyes (make-up):
Select eyewear:
Select nose accessory:
Select mouth expression / lipstick make-up:
Select mouth prop:
Select earring:
Select headwear:
¹: Note: Headband (f) is a (black) hair+headwear combo.
Select neck accessory:

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